My Story

 Kellz Kreations was birthed out of a combination of the pandemic and the loss of both parents in less than 6 months. Creating was therapeutic for me. It started as a hobby and grew into so much more.
Women are the backbone to every family. While we are spending so much time pouring into others (our children, spouses, partner, bosses, friends and others), who is pouring into us? Self care and mental wellness is necessary, especially in the times in which we are living. Face it, our plates are full. So whenever we can carve out a little "Me Time," we need to be sure to take full advantage of it. I want to add to you, Sis, in a creative way. My goal is to lift you up and to encourage you along the way. I hope that what I create helps you to stand a little taller and smile a little wider because, Sis, this one is for you! (Men, don't feel left out, the ladies like to see you smile too, so there is a little something for you as well.)